GP10, A perfect 10

The GP10 is the flagship of the GP Racing kart line. It is the culmination of years of racing, testing and tuning.

GP10 Shifter Kart  •  GP10 TaG Kart  •  GP10 DD2

GPmini Kid Kart/Cadet Kart

The chassis design and tubing selection have been fine tuned for maximum responsiveness. The state-of-the-art components chosen for quality and reliable performance. The array of available configurations allows you to build exactly the kart you
GP Mini Kid Kart
need for the racing you do. In a word, the GP10 is perfect.


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GP Racing Shifter Kart
GP Racing Rotax Kart
GP Road Racing Kart Keith Buffo
GP10 DD2
  1. 32mm chromoly frame

  2. 50mm axle

  3. Infinite caster/camber top and bottom adjustments

  4. Large diameter kingpins

  5. Lightweight Ven05 brakes with floating rotors

  6. Optional front brakes

  7. Adjustable front & rear ride height

  8. Removable front & rear torsion bars

  9. Magnesium wheels

  10. Anodized floor pan

  11. New Age 2 bodywork